Wanaka fun!

Wanaka is a majestic "magnet".  People come here once, and get
enticed back, and we love seeing those happy people in-store again!

Pop in and say hello as part of your stay. And don't forget to take home something that will remind you of those unforgettable times in Wanaka.

  • Art and Culture

    Autumn's Festival of Colour, Aspiring Conversations, Warbirds over Wanaka or the annual A & P show, there are cultural, artistic and musical events that will be your vibe. Glam yourself up with some jewellery which will also serve as a super memento of Wanaka.

  • Sports and Outdoors

    As a ski-bunny, snow-board fan or someone who wants to snowshoe at Snow Farm, rock-climb or venture out on one of our amazing trails, Wanaka has it all. But don't forget that rest-day to give yourself a breather for that little shopping venture! Pop on in!

  • Girls trip

    Yes, you know you love it. Time away with the girls to chill, laugh and have the odd tipple of wine, not to mention carry a shopping bag or two of lovely things including new jewellery, There's nothing better than buying with honest, know-you-well friends!

  • Holiday

    You might be enjoying that well- deserved holiday and here for the first time, or perhaps you're a Wanaka holiday-maker who has come every year for decades. There's always something new in our store, and you'll remember our welcoming spirit.

  • Wedding or Elopement

    Forgotten that jewellery for the wedding you're attending, or perhaps you're the blushing bride and groom-to-be who want some gorgeous engagement and wedding rings. There's definitely a myriad of choices here for your special occasion.

  • Let's not forget the boys!

    Some people don't connect a jewellery shop with blokes. But hey, what about a sports or dress watch, bracelet, pounamu toki, a super-cool hip flask, a hand-made pen, or perhaps a cool ring or silver necklace for that man you care about?

"Wanaka draws me back everytime. Always a good time to be had!"