We know you might have a question or two.  Contact us by phone 03 443 2722 or email aspiringjewellers@xtra.co.nz or use our contact form.  We look forward to getting to know you and finding out what you're after!

What days are you open?

Generally you can pop in or ring us between 9.30am - 5pm weekdays and on the weekend 10.15am-4pm.  Depending on the season, will determine whether we open Sundays or not.  But if you've got a question, why don't you jump on our contact page and we'll aim to get back to you within 12-24 hours.

Do you only have the jewellery that's on your website? 

No. This is just a small selection from our very wide range.  We have so much more in-store, so whatever you're curious about, be in touch. We'll either have it in our shop, or we can source if for you.  Saves you the time and stress!

How confident can I be that you have what I love in stock?

We make every effort to provide current and accurate stock availability information on our website, however, we are human and can't always 100% guarantee that if a product is classified as being “in stock”, that stock will be available to purchase on the web or in our store!  From our end, should something be unavailable, we'll be in touch and offer to source the piece of jewellery for you or offer you other fabulous recommendations.

What if I have a question about size?

You may see some jewellery you love, but may not necessarily know if it will be the right size or if we indeed have your size.  On the whole, we're pretty awesome at sourcing what, and what size you're after, so be in touch.

What happens if I get the jewellery and I want or need to return it?

Check out our returns and exchanges policy.

Do you do all jewellery repairs and services on site?

Previously we had a manufacturing jewellery on site, but we no longer do. You'll be pleased however that we have reputable jewellery and watchmakers we send work to, who we feel confident in.  We track all courier bags out, and we promptly get back to you when your repaired jewellery is back in-store.

Do you offer custom design jewellery?  Some of our customers love to fossic in their jewellery boxes, find bits and pieces and want something remade.  We love to chat and offer recommendations. If you're wanting a custom-made ring,for example, we can get the ball rolling - ideas or the actual making of a piece.