Caring for people like you!

As a fun, vibrant bunch who love to laugh and bring a smile to people's faces (over a good yarn or two!) we put people as our top priority, sourcing the perfect piece of jewellery that you'll feel great in and ensuring you take home a memento of unforgettable memories made in a place we call home Wanaka.

It is not just jewellery we offer you. We gift you our presence, passion & personality.

  • Glenis

    Glenis, wise woman, is now the owner of Aspiring Jewellers having worked here for over 17 years. She is loving bringing a new vibe to our store and sourcing new, exciting ranges so we've always got something "different" for you to see on your next visit to majestic Wanaka.

  • Janelle

    Janelle, eternal story-teller, loves engaging with people, really listening and she is super at matching the personality and traits of the person you're gifting with that perfect piece of jewellery. And that person may well be you! Pastoral care is her forte so you'll definitely feel looked after.

  • Elaine

    Elaine, gem lover, has worked with jewellery for years so brings her
    wealth of retail and customer service experience to the fore. Great with
    re-threading pearls and trained in gemology, she has tips for keeping jewellery in "top nick."

  • Anke

    Anke, a true Cancerian. has deep knowing and intuition on uniting jewellery treasures with their custodians. With a love for NZ gemstones - especially the rarest - she enjoys being the channel for people to find their favorite piece of jewellery.. She also brings a youthful spirit to our team.

  • Tibo

    Tibo, 3rd generation goldsmith from a mountain ski town in Canada and our newbie bloke to the team feels at home in Wanaka and doesn't just adore ultra-outdoor events but excels at bringing out the ultra-beauty of individual gemstones in the jewellery he crafts. Goldsmithing is in his blood!

"A super-friendly vibe in this store and the girls really make it that way. They really listened, we had a good laugh, and I walked out with exactly what I wanted. Thanks ladies for being so helpful."